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What is Civitan?


The worldwide mission of Civitan International is to build good citizenship by providing a volunteer organization of clubs dedicated to serving individual and community needs, with an emphasis on helping people with developmental disabilities.

Civitan International is an organization of local service clubs dedicated to making the world a better place.  The primary focus of Civitan is to help people with developmental disabilities and those less fortunate.  Civitans meet together to socialize, learn and help people in their communities.  With active clubs across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, the work of Civitan literally spans the globe.

Civitans make a lasting impact on the people around them.  Local clubs come together to help people in their own communities, face to face,  Civitan has a reputation of a more "hands-on" organization than a lot of other civic organizations.


At the same time, Civitan International empowers them to make a lasting difference through international projects.  Civitan offers fun volunteer opportunities for nearly every schedule and level of commitment.  Club members also receive excellent leadership training, and everyday Civitans hold office at the local, regional, and even international levels.

The international organization was established on April 15, 1920 with Dr. Shropshire (the founder) as president.  Several years ago the title Founder and First President was conferred upon Dr. Shropshire.  Today Civitan International has nearly 1,800 Junior Civitan, Campus Civitan, and Senior Civitan clubs in more than 28 countries.  There are about 40,000 adult Civitan members.

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NC District East Civitan


North Carolina District East falls under the Civitan umbrella and has more Civitans than any other district or region.  There are more Civitans in the Southeast U.S. than any other region.  Today NC District East has 1,850 members in over 50...

Cypress Creek Civitan Club


Cypress Creek Civitan Club was chartered in June 2009.   It is in Area 5 of North Carolina District East of Civitan International.  Area 5 is made up of eight clubs from Sanford to Rocky Mount.

The Civitan Creed


I AM CIVITAN:  as old as life, as young as the rainbow, as endless as time.

MY HANDS do the work of the world and reach out in service to others.

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