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Cypress Creek Civitan Club

Fundraiser Projects

Belk's Charity Day Sales.  sTwice a year (spring and fall), Belk has a Charity Day Sale.  Tickets are given to participating charity organizations to sell.  Tickets are $5 each and any tickets sold are 100% profit to the organization.  When the buyer uses the ticket on the day of the sale, they get their $5 off of their purchase ( a wash for the customer).  Additional discounts are also received when the ticket is used and scanned with the purchase.  Any organization working a two-hour shift in the store on the day of the sale (between 6:00am and 10:00am) shares equally in the amount of all ticket sales sold by the cashiers leading up to and including the day of the sale.

Charity Golf Scramble.  Cypress Creek Civitan has an annual Charity Golf Scramble each year at the River Golf Course across from Lake Royale, on the Saturday prior to Father's Day.  The Golf Scramble draws much of its financial success from Hole Sponsorship by local merchants.  Most of the sponsors from our previous scrambles continue to support the event.  We also continue to seek new and additional sponsorship and golfers each year.  The golfers are aware of the charities we support.

We promote this project by advertising in local newspapers, radio and television stations, NextDoor Lake Royale, Facebook, and by placing signs at the main entrance to Lake Royale and the River Golf Club Course Community.  Flyers are also placed at key community sites where golfers might gather.

Claxton Fruitcake Sale. Cypress Creek Civitan places fruitcakes in Lowes/Just Save stores and also in some local stores.  We are also assigned Food Lion and Harris Teeter stores by NC District East.  These stores have their fruitcakes sent from their regional sites.  We receive profits from each fruitcake sold by the merchants.  

Pecan/Nut Sale.  The pecan/nut sales continue to increase each year.  We offer a variety of specialty nuts such as:

  • Cashews

  • Walnuts

  • Chocolate Covered Pecans

  • Cinnamon Glazed Pecans

  • Glazed Pecans

  • Chocolate Covered Caramel Pecan Clusters

  • Pecan Rolls

  • Plain Pecan Halves

  • Seven-Way Tins with Assorted Nuts

We normally receive the product around November 10.  Orders can be taken as soon as prices are set.  First time customers usually become repeat customers.

Staff One/NC State Games.  Cypres  Staff One is a firm that furnishes resources for NC State, Duke, East Carolina, Campbell, and NC Central home football games.  Resources are also needed for some other events at these universities.  Cypress Creek Civitan has elected to work at the NC State games but we could work at other locations if we chose to.  Each month, Staff 1 will send a check to the club for the number of resource hours we worked the prior month.  This is a good project to earn money for the club while watching big time football and other events.  

Cypress Creek Civitan Fall Bazaar.  This is a new fundraiser where we will invite local vendors to rent booths and sell their products to the community.  We will also have raffle drawings throughout the day.  Visit the bazaar page for more details about this year's event. 

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